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This is why Parents are not sleeping

This Is Why Parents Aren’t Sleeping

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Welcome to parenthood, hope you hate sleeping. We get the least amount of sleep and need it most, and yet we still have a hard time falling and staying asleep every night.

Even on the rare nights that my kids go to bed at a decent hour and don’t crawl into bed with me, I can’t sleep because I just can’t get my brain to shut down. Here are the reasons I toss and turn until early hours of the morning:

1. Anxiety

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“Did I say the wrong thing at the play date today? Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Why do I always do this? I wonder if she’s mad at me. Maybe I should text her. But it’s midnight and normal people are sleeping. But what if I forget to text her tomorrow? I should set a reminder…”

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the way anxiety makes me dissect and over-analyze every single interaction. So at the end of the day, my brain finds ways to make me believe I’m in the wrong (more specifically, that I’m an idiot) for all the things I did and said, whether it happened today or 20 years ago. It’s super fun.

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