Cofoe Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector Home Pregnant Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Pocket Doppler 3.0MHz

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Cofoe Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector Home Pregnant Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Pocket Doppler 3.0MHz

Doppler Information:

Cofoe Fetal Doppler is a kit used to detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby. It features a large LCD with a blue backlight that displays the heartbeat per minute, a built-in loudspeaker with buttons to increase or decrease the heartbeat volume, and a 3.0 MHz waterproof ultrasound probe with coil cable. This product is lightweight, highly portable, easy to operate.

Doppler Features:

1. Display with backlight LCD

2. Humanized bended probe for convenient operation

3. 3 work modes: real-time, average, manual

4. Built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice. output for headphones

5. High sensitivity probe, can be changed on requirement

6. Automatic shutdown function in case of no work for one minute

7. CE FDA Approved Fetal Doppler

Doppler Parameters:

Cofoe Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector


Fetal Doppler Monitor

Probe frequency


Tolerance scope

± 2bpom

Heart rate display



5 years

Doppler dimensions


Normal heart rate


Method of use:

Looking for baby’s heartbeat sound

8-18 gestational weeks

8-28 gestational weeks

28-40 gestational weeks

This stage most mothers feel slightly quickening, and fetal heart sounds signal is weak at this stage, suggest an cardiac monitoring after getting up in the morning

Mother can feel obviously quickened, if found that fetal long time no movement, a number of abnormal or quickened, you should immediately use tire choice for cardiac monitoring

Cardiac monitoring critical period, fetal hypoxia condition easy happen, suggest monitoring 3 times a day.(morning, noon, night)

Attention: please evenly coated with gel on the probe before use.(As for gel, not included in the package because of the shipment limited. but you can buy at your local market easily. Gel is Lubrication, isolation of air. you also can use aloe vera gel, essential oil instead) What’s included? 1* Gift Box 1* Cofoe Fetal Doppler 1* Instruction 1* Qualification Certificate Note: 1.Battery will not include, due to it can’t be shipped, plz note it! 2.We have english manual pdf, if need, please feel free to contact me. ​

Household Fetal Doppler


High sensitive probe

Intelligent noise reduction

Multi-mode switch

Large screen display


Good probe, Listen Fetal Heart Sound Easily


High sensitive probe,listen fetal heart sound easily


12 weeks can listen fetal heart rate

Waterproof and durable:

Waterproof and durable probe, more secure

Intelligent noise reduction, listen to more real voice of baby

Built-in sound insulation unit ,built-in speaker play,more real sound

①Fetal Heart Sound more clearly

②Intelligent sound insulation (Lower amniotic fluid flow and

intestinal gurgling sound and other weak noise)


Multiple operation mode:

Three function modes

Real-time heart rate display mode

Average heart rate display mode

Manual mode

The LCD display a beating heart symbol while capturing the heart rate signal ❤

Used to get a more stable heart rate reading, the mode is to calculate the average of 10 heartbeats, and when has heartbeat signal, the LCD displays the beating heart symbol ❤

When entering the manual mode, the system will automatically count the effective heartbeat, and the dancing symbol ❤

will be displayed on the LCD screen, that is, the heartbeat has started counting and counts 15 heartbeats.

Press the backlight key repeatedly and the calculation will be done automatically again

HD Large LCD Screen

Wide screen backlight, the numbers more clearer.

With backlight control key, regardless of the environment is dim or bright, can read clearly.



【 Product Display 】


【 Package 】


It is better to record fetal heart sounds in the following three periods


  • The position of fetal heart sound varies in different time periods


Fetal heart rate comparison table

Normal fetal heart rate: 120~160 beats/minute


Usage Method

1. Long press power button for 2s to start up.

2. Adjust volume

3.Wipe coupling agent on the probe

4. Close to the fetal heart to measure


Warm tips:

1. Before 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heart sound is weak. It is recommended that the pregnant mother be measured in the morning with an empty stomach.

2. After 32 weeks, the fetus is likely to enter an unexpected period, when it is likely to suffer from hypoxic umbilical cord around the neck, etc., which needs to be tested every day.


1. What is fetal heart sound ?

The fetal heart is sound like small train “Hong,hong,hong”with rhythm.

2 .Does the coupling agent has any effect on the baby, what effect and how to use it?

a. The coupling agent is composed of water-soluble polymer material, pure water and viscosifier. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and will not harm the fetus. However, it should be kept away from children to avoid accidental ingestion.

b. The coupling agent eliminates the air between the belly and the probe, making the sound of the fetal heart sound clearer, and can be replaced by water and olive oil if there is no coupling agent in late pregnancy.

c. Apply the coupling agent evenly on the probe and gently press the belly.

3.How often to detect, and whether it will affect children if use more often?”

According to the recommendations in the manual, all indicators such as ultrasonic output strength of the equipment conform to the industry standards, and it is safe to carry out daily fetal heart monitoring.

4.Why is there noise when measuring?

During the measurement process, the movement of the fetus and probe will generate noise. At the same time, if the user does not find the position of the placenta, the umbilical cord blood flow and other factors will also lead to noise.The patient needs to find the placental position before monitoring the fetal heart sound.

5.How to clean and disinfect instruments?

a. Turn off the device and remove the battery before cleaning and disinfecting。

b. Each time after listening to the fetal heart, the probe can be cleaned with dry cloth or tissue or a small amount of medical alcohol can be used for cleaning disinfection。

c. The surface of the instrument can be cleaned with a non-corrosive cleaner. Do not disinfect at high temperature or use a corrosive cleaner for cleaning.

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20 reviews for Cofoe Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector Home Pregnant Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Pocket Doppler 3.0MHz

  1. L***o

    Aparelho bem simples de usar, ótimo áudio, idêntico a propaganda. Gostei muito do produto!

  2. Y***v

    доставка в срок. Все как в описании. С продавцом не общался. Всем доволен

  3. O***a

    El aparato funciona correctamente.

  4. c***o

    estoy super contenta con la compra. llego super rapido 2 semanas.

  5. I***a

    Посылочка шла 3 недели. Продавец все это время был на связи, очень доброжелательный) Доплер уже испробовала, слышно все хорошо, сердечко без проблем находит. Очень довольна покупкой)

  6. C***a

    Product is in perfect condition and seller shipped the product fast. Item received in 12 days. The heartbeat can be heard but the sound is slightly quiet but much clear with a headset. The heart rate however that is shown in display seems inaccurate. That’s not a problem for me though. Just need to hear the heartbeat <3

  7. C***n

    Llego con unos días de atraso pero llego en buenas condiciones! En la caja trae el Manual en chino y el dispositivo, pero sin gel conductor no se escucha nada. Conforme. Con lo comprado, cuando pueda escuchar daré otra referencia.

  8. R***n

    Продавец общительный. Инструкцию на английском прислал на электронку. Товар отправил быстро,отслеживался весь путь. Пришел товар быстро , отправил 28.03, на почте можно было забрать 5.04
    Продавца рекомендую! Прибор отличный!

  9. Y***i

    great product! worked on 11 weeks

  10. E***a

    Да Краснодарского края дошёл за 17 дней. Все целое, не помятое. Очень хорошего качества. Работает! Спасибо за быструю доставку.

  11. A***n

    Товар отличный. Продавец всегда был на связи. Очень быстрая доставка. Если пропустить ожидание связанное с китайским новым годом, то товар пришёл за 10 дней. Это очень быстро. Все работает как надо. Жаль нет мануала на английском. Спасибо большое!

  12. AliExpress Shopper

    Thank you.
    Great Product, work perfectly, good quality materials
    and a Plus Great Communication great Customer Service

  13. A***a

    Recebi o doopler, aparentemente é conforme anunciado, material resistente. Eu ainda não testei, mas o produto veio bem embalado. Vendedor super atencioso e prestativo. Solicitei o manual em inglês e o mesmo foi enviado no mesmo dia. A entrega foi super rápida, menos de 50 dias. Estou muito satisfeita com minha compra! Não vejo a hora de usar!!

  14. V***v

    Жена параноик очень довольна. Только инструкция на китайском.

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    Чувствительность очень хорошая)есть разъем под наушники) слышно отлично, что в наушниках, что по громкой связи.

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    доставка две недели!очень быстро,не смотря на новогодние праздники.пока не пробовала.срок маленький.позже дополню.но упакован плохо.хотя все работает.

  17. AliExpress Shopper

    Works like it should but at 20w cannot find heartbeat. Will try again later.

  18. AliExpress Shopper

    Funciona correctamente, en buen estado, envió rápido. Las mamis siempre nos preocupamos de si nuestro bebé estará bien y más cuando no sentimos que se mueve. Esto va perfecto para relajar a los futuros padres.

  19. R***a

    Пришёл за 3 недели до Воронежа, 14 недель, пока так и не получилось найти сердцебинение

  20. u***u

    В Москву за полторы недели доехал) сердцебиение нашла сразу на 15 нед. Хорошая вещь! Жаль что инструкция на китайском))) но все понятно и без неё)продавец отзывчивый) спасибо)

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