Baby Town was envisaged and founded in South Africa based on an observed gap in the baby product market. Many parents find that shopping for baby’s clothes to be very expensive. Baby town found who and where to go for the best prices and quality! Baby town – online store – was built to assist parents in their continual need for baby products by sourcing manufacturers who provide their products at the best prices and quality, to meet the ongoing needs of their babies and infants!

Baby town – the online store was proudly founded in 2018.

Our Motto is Quality First

Baby town boasts great products; excellent quality and prices for parents. It aims to be the easiest and most convenient Baby Shop to visit for your little ones and to give you the best experience and value for your budget.

Baby Town sells almost all baby products at Wholesale Prices. Some of our products are diapers, baby clothes, fashion, newborn clothing, strollers, Pacifiers (dummies), newborn footwear and baby car seats are just some of the many products we sell.