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My name is Justin Williams and I am a proud Dad. I started this business as I found that shopping for my baby’s clothes was really expensive and found out where to get the best prices and the best quality to go.  I realized that I could help other parents out by starting a place to shop by adding a group of manufacturers together who I have vetted and who will  at the best prices and quality through my experience.

So here is my store which I will add more great products as I find the correct quality and price for you new parents who are in the same boat as I am. Baby Town aims to be the easiest and most convenient Baby Shop to visit for your little ones carefully chosen products to give you the best experience to buy for your precious bundle of joy.

We have a blog here filled with useful information about pregnancy’s and about parenting and the tips and tricks you will need. There are also some funny video’s on our Facebook Page you will love and further great information that will be of use to you about Baby Clothes you will need and which diapers to buy, Cloth diapers or Disposable. At the end of the day. As a Dad I am here to try help and guide you as a new parent with products and information.

Baby Town sells almost all baby products at Wholesale Prices. Some of our products are diapers, baby clothes,  fashion, newborn clothing, strollers, Pacifiers (dummies), newborn footwear and baby car seats are just some of the many products we sell.

Saving you Time, Saving you Money, Putting you First.

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Showing 1–16 of 376 results

Showing 1–16 of 376 results